Gold Medalists


I am the proud mama of the Gold Medalists in the Synchronized Somersaulting event.  They beat out Team Cookie Monster for silver and Team Pascal (of Rapunzel) for the bronze.

Sad the Olympics is over  – I remember many many late nights with fussy Katie in Summer 2008 rocking and watching the Olympics.  I remember thinking when the next one comes she will be 4.  And here we are.  Sigh. Sniffle.

But, back on track.  Photos from the medal ceremony:

Waiting for score results.

Gold Medalists. Note Team Cookie Monster and Team Pascal on the podium. (Do not note Katie’s messy room)




Cabinets Before and After


I mentioned the cabinet painting. (Did I mention I would never do it again? It was like groundhog’s day around here for 5 straight weeks.)

Thought I would throw some before and after pics out there.

But, they are not really very fancy  before and after pictures – you would think I would clean up for the AFTER pics. And apparently I was not aware that BEFORE pics were even being taken.  So, with that disclaimer – here are the before and after. Total cost was under $200 – so don’t expect major makeover here.  Just painted the cabinets. Still, I feel like we are slowly pulling our kitchen out of 1963.

We still have lots to do to update the kitchen (paint walls, redo floors, light fixtures,etc) and need to finish replacing the glass in the cabinet doors…



DURING: (ugh, I can’t even look)

Oh. You wanted these hinges and their very tiny screws to stay IN the bucket. My bad.

This is how it looked when we moved in.  In 2006. We had already pulled down some super cool wallpaper before we took this photo.  Check out that oven…that oven later caught on fire. Good times.

Really? It’s been since May?


Where have I been?

Well, as indicated by he blog name, its been birthday party season for 3 solid months.  Capping off today with Will’s festivities.  (sniffle)

Plus we spent 5 straight weeks painting our cabinets.  Never again.  Never.

Uploading all my pictures so I can get my update on…Be back soon! yay summer!

Mother’s Day Gift


Lanie brought home a gift wrapped handmade candy jar stocked full of assorted candies for my mother’s day gift yesterday.  I found it unwrapped with a lone candy as I was getting ready for bed last night.  And a note.



Month 8


Hmm…a little behind posting my updates.  Basically, Will just does not sleep. ever. not at naptime. not at bedtime. never.  Which makes functioning as a human a tad more difficult. Example: I thought I lost him for a moment, only to find he was safely tucked away…on my hip.  My brain is essentially mush.  But, really and truly, loving it all.   He is wonderful.

BUT, he is actually asleep right now so I will try to bust out an update on my sweet 8 month old.


  • Scooting around everywhere, although it is not a perfected crawl just yet
  • Enjoys playing with cars,trucks
  • Loves baths, splashing
  • Loves his sisters
  • Mum-mums!
  • Still essentially being held by his mom every minute
  • Still nursing, but starting to have some formula
  • Apparently requires little to no sleep
  • Always smiling!

Photos from month 8:

The elusive sleeping Willsie Pills.

8 months!

Baby Will.  You make my heart melt.  We are all so happy to have you.




Big Thoughts


I love preschool carpool time  -I love when Katie spots my car and gets a big smile.  And I love that she can’t wait to show me her art.

Today my sweet KatieBug got in the car and immediately said she was worried about being a grown up one day- said she was scared to be grown up and just wanted to be 3 forever.  I wonder what made her think about that.  And, it makes me teary now thinking about it, because I would love for her to be 3 forever too. I wish that every day. She truly is the world’s greatest 3 year old.   Love her.  Beyond Measure.

I love this picture.  Notice Rapunzel’s hair on the lap.  We don’t stray far without her these days.

And, since I am all teary now, I need a laugh…..Yesterday, Katie stepped on a pair of scissors and fell down.   Then yelled out to me “I slipped on some scissors in the hall.  But, it’s ok…..they didn’t cut my foot off.”  (whew, well that’s a relief!) Such fun every day.

Go Kangaroos!


Katie’s first soccer game kickoff was one of those never forget moments….Just watch for yourself.  That’s my Katie kicking off – we are the red team.   As my dad put it….well….there’s lots of room for improvement.

Katie First Soccer Game

To be fair, we didn’t really go over “kickoff” with them.  And, you know, there’s the fact that they are 3.  And playing a team “that practices in the off-season on a rented field and scouts teams from all over”…..yep, still talking about 3 year olds.